About Us

Who we are

We are a central research platform of the University Medical Center Mainz and here to support you in all issues concerning your clinical research projects

We focus on team work and cooperation with many partners from medical and translational research – nationally as well as internationally.

Our broad portfolio includes public as well industrially financed projects. On average, we mentor more than 50 research projects at the same time.

We are a team that is interdisciplinary! Seasoned Physicians, Statisticians, Computer- and Natural Scientists all work together and thus ensure a high efficiency and quality in planning and performing your clinical research projects.

We share our knowledge! Our external and internal experts equip you with the knowledge you need for any clinical trials, during our advanced training courses.

We are certified! The European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN) honored us as one of six highly qualified data centers in Europe.

Our Mission

Strengthening research

We push health research further along in order to support future oriented provisions of innovative drugs, products and treatments.

Optimizing efficiency and quality

We create clinical research efficiently according to international regularities and quality standards in order to ensure the highest validity of your findings.

Expansion of cooperation

We work intensively with different partners in research and training, in order to bundle knowledge, ideas and strengths so that we can advance the medical progress together.

Our Strengths

  • Professional, GCP compliant consulting, planning, coordination, evaluation and publication of clinical trials in accordance with all applicable legal requirements
  • Profound expertise of all relevant national and international regulations (e.g. ICH, AMG and MPG)
  • Well-established quality management
  • Efficient IT support for individual solutions
  • Organisation of certified trainings and seminars; organisation of in-house trainings upon request

Your Advantage

  • Experienced and dedicated personnel
  • Tailored solutions: Full service offerings as well as coordination of single clinical project tasks
  • Strong partners, e.g. UMC Pharmacy (medical manufacturing authorisation according to §13 German Drug Law (AMG)); Institute of Medical Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics (IMBEI); Central Laboratory
  • Closely connected to all clinical departments and institutions of UMC and its academic teaching hospitals
  • Collaboration with numerous academic and non-academic hospitals, private physicians, public health organisations and pharmaceutical and medical device industry partners in and outside of Germany.

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