Dear All,

We would like to welcome you to the homepage of the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Trials (IZKS)!

IZKS is an academic coordination center for clinical trials offering efficient and quality-oriented support. Therefore, IZKS helps to optimise clinical research and strengthen Germany as an important research location within the medical care area.

Being a central facility of the University Medical Center Mainz (UMC), IZKS closely cooperates with all clinical departments, institutes and divisions of UMC. Furthermore, we conduct numerous scientific projects with partners in Germany and Europe.

We support your clinical trial with scientific and systematic excellence − starting with the study idea to the publication of results. More than 35 trained and experienced medical, scientific and technical employees at IZKS ensure GCP compliance through the entire process of Consulting for as well as planning, coordination, evaluation and publication of phase I – IV clinical trials while taking all necessary steps to assure that safety and rights of the trial subjects are observed in accordance with all applicable legal requirements.

The broad spectrum of IZKS comprises mainly of public and industrially funded clinical trials including over 20 medical disciplines with a keen trend towards larger multicenter and multinational projects.

In addition to providing the best possible support in organising and conducting clinical trials, IZKS has also developed its own focus within translational research as well as health care research. For example, IZKS has created a registry for severe asthma and chronic heart failure facilitating state-of-the-art information technology. The aim is to collect data on effective treatments and the corresponding medical care for patients. Furthermore, IZKS offers certified trainings to investigators, scientists, study nurses, clinical research associates and medical students on a regular basis.

It is our mutual and personal concern to strengthen clinical research together with our collaboration partners, aiming at delivering high quality services. By exploiting the benefits of an academical environment offering excellent clinical expertise and translational research activities, we are able to deliver the latest scientific findings as well as the most modern methods to clinical institutions. Please take a look at the following pages to learn more about our services, partners and certified trainings.

We are looking forward to a successful collaboration with you!

Your IZKS Team

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